HardTech Spin-Out Incubator

Exploring new ideas, new futures.

What is HardTech Entrepreneurship?

We create a technology based incubator to match teams of Engineering Master’s students from different backgrounds who are matched with a technology/invention/patent/need from a mother company. We also attach a Business/Marketing Master’s student and an Industry Mentor with years of experience in the technological field of the project to the team. We give them free access to prototyping facilities, 5,000 DKK to purchase components, support from Product and Business Development professionals, lectures and keynotes on entrepreneurship .

HARDTech has a focus on products/services, involving HARDware equipment, sensors, devices, enhanced by software, connectivity and data.  Unlike normal entrepreneurship incubators this is specifically tailored to the technical university, often using HARD/difficult technology with an industry and B2B focus.

An Incubator that is also a Course

We are a university course organised as a startup incubator, so our students learn about technology entrepreneurship by doing, this is, developing their own company in the form of a Spinout from a mother company, training them to become the CTOs of the future.

In the heart of DTU

We are based at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), ranked among the "World's Most Innovative Universities". More precisely, we are placed in DTU Skylab: a unique innovation hub with prototyping facilities and space for lecturing and group work.

Industry + Academics = Innovation

In our model, companies provide the technology that the students will carve into the startups of tomorrow. Our Techpreneurs work to turn inventions, technologies, patents or challenges into radical innovation projects ready to spin out together with the mother company.

Technology Push / Technology Pull

We develop new business propositions based on a given technology (Technology Push) or departing from a technological need or challenge (Technology Pull). Our process starts with an invention/technology/technological need or challenge from a company, which will be then developed into a product/service to fit a new market niche. Our students have the freedom to pivot and adapt along the way to create a minimum viable product (MVP) with optimal product-market fit, which can be addresses by the spin-out company.

13-Week Programme

to design the backbone of a potential spinout company: a solid and sustainable business plan around a technology or technology need from a mother company.

Prototype Development

of a POC (proof-of-concept) prototype or MVP (Minimum Viable Product) aligned to the business model, to be used for engaging with potential customers/investors.

Effective Market Validation

of the proposed business model. The team will validate the feasibility of the proposed market by reaching potential customers and relevant stakeholders, trying to settle LOIs with them.

Proven Successful Model

We have developed and perfected a methodology for incubating spinouts. We average 5 finalists/year of the Venture Cup competition, and 20% of the projects become a registered company.

Intro to DTU Skylab

We work with

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