Success Cases

20% of projects set in the course become a registered company!

ISEAL Digital is a young spin-out company from Telia, working on revolutionising the seal system in container freight, by allowing easy seal management, live integrity monitoring and worldwide tracking through two factor authentication over the global mobile network. They started with a technological challenge on how to use 2FA in new markets, and they came with an ingenious way of tracking and granting access to maritime containers overseas. They are currently working on further developing their MVP and creating a network of customers/suppliers to implement their solution worldwide. They were finalists of the NextGen Logistics category on Venture Cup Startup Competition 2018

TresActio was born from a technological development from Siemens, twisting the technology to specialise in strain screening hardware by developing a novel control system for early bioprocess development, adding more control, monitoring, and autonomy to lab processes. They are currently working on testing their solution with their first pilot customer, as well as knitting a rich network of stakeholders to produce and deploy their solution within BioTech Industry's key players. They were finalists of the Product & Device category on Venture Cup Startup Competition 2018

Fishent is a spinout company born from Hardtech Entrepreneurship programme 2017, through a successful collaboration with Fire Eater A/S. Fire Eater holds a patent application of a sensor technology for fire detection applications. During the programme, the students’ team developed a business and a prototype for a product to automatically assess the quality of fresh fish for the fishing industry (providers, processors, and retailers) by using the same sensor technology. Currently, they are working on developing their Minimum Viable Product to be sold to their first pilot customer, who will provide them with valuable data to improve their system. Furthermore, they are participating in the Danish Tech Challenge, a DTU’s programme incubator for hardware start-ups, where the best case can win a prize of 500.000 DKK to be invested in the company.

Norlase was spun out from HardTech Entrepreneurship' programme in 2014, through a successful collabration with DTU's Department of Photonics. The company was founded to commercialize recent breakthroughs in high-power visible lasers, based on semiconductor technology. This enables a leap forward in performance, cost-efficiency and convenience for laser based equipment. Their patented, simple laser architecture enables high-quality lasers, in an extremely compact and uncooled format. Norlase is able to achieve wavelengths typically out of reach to traditional laser technologies.

MASH Biotech is a successful DTU tech spin-out developed under the Hardtech Entrepreneurship programme 2013. The MASH bioreactor technology upgrades the dry waste output from wastewater treatment plants to a valuable commodity: A nutrient rich fertiliser, which can be sold to local farmers. Also, in treating the waste, MASH extracts a sustainable and CO2-neutral bio fuel, which can be sold to industry. They are currently operating at full scale in India where they are looking for partners who can help them realise the full potential of their sustainable, high-tech/low-cost business.

Specshell is successful DTU spin-out based on three DTU patents. The company is focused on commercializing a range of products for infra-red spectroscopy, developed in a Ph.d. project, which adds advanced functionality to the common infra-red spectroscopy apparatus. The products makes it possible to perform analyses 5 times faster, improve the analytical results and perform entirely new measurements, while being producible with a 50% decrease in retail price compared to existing solutions. The Master’s students developed the products with a focus on usability and functionality, through communication with potential users and rapid prototyping technology. The project was a finalist in Venture Cup, January 2013 and the team has received funding from the Foundation for Entrepreneurship (FFE-YE). NEXT STEP.

“It was great to work with 4 enthusiastic students on this project. They took the idea, tweak it into a more worldwide usable solution. We believe that Mobile Connect will change the way we use our Mobile to authenticate so that companies know who they are dealing with. The ISeal Digital team proved that there are many scenarios where we can use this 2FA. The container seal is a great challenge and the students’ team nailed it. We are looking forward to work together with them to explore this concept.”
Lieuwe op´t Land
Technical Product Manager at Telia
“Participating in the course was very beneficial for FarrowTech. We had two teams of motivated and highly skilled students who effectively analysed our start-up and identified new possibilities for our business. They looked at over technology and business plan from a new perspective. Among others, they identified new business partners, which potentially will become very valuable to FarrowTech. They also explored new possibilities.”
Jakob Skårhøj
CEO at FarrowTech
“The cross-disciplinary team of students were able to provide a complete overview of the business case from design drafts to possible implementation. The material was of a high enough quality to create a foundation for applying for further funding and talking to potential industrial cooperation partners. The students also played a role in the partnering process. Based on their work we applied for a grant from ‘The Market Development Fund."
Kasper Lykkegaard
CEO at Sens Technology