Startup while studying

What if you could create your startup while studying (while getting ECTS points) ?

Learning By Doing

As a HardTech Entrepreneurship graduate you will be able to take a technology and develop a sounded business plan around it. You will learn about prototyping, product development, market analysis, business development, pitching, stakeholders' management, project management, IP rights, finances... All these valuable competences will help you along your whole professional career!

Teamwork, Teamwork, Teamwork.

You will have a unique opportunity to work hand in hand with Master's students from different backgrounds, cultures, mind-sets... some of them may become your future co-founders! All together working with the goal in mind of creating something radically innovative.

Hands On Technology

Work with high technologies, inventions or real challenges that companies or organisations are facing and turn them into a feasible business ready to spin out. You will work on developing a prototype for a potential new business area, and therefore working in edge-cutting technologies.

Collaborate With Companies

We know that entrepreneurship is not for everyone. HardTech Entrepreneurship is also a great platform for those who want to do Corporate Innovation: You will be working very closely with top companies, who might headhunt motivated and competent students.

Open Lectures / Keynote Breakfast

In our programme you don't just get a lecture, but the opportunity to listen the entrepreneurial journey of top Danish entrepreneurs. Every Tuesday morning we invite a Keynote speaker to tell us his/her story, and we link it to the lecture, so you can have a burning example of the taught theory. Oh! And we provide free breakfast and coffee for the early birds!

Have Fun!

Since great ideas do not come when under pressure, we facilitate a relaxed but professional working environment where everyone can freely contribute with their ideas and have constructive discussions. We embrace creativity and being positive and proactive. And of course, we glad our Friday afternoons with a bit of beer (and soda!).

Entrepreneurship: A Career Path

Now you can start carving your professional career towards entrepreneurship from university. Our programme can help you create the backbone of a potential start up while studying, this is by getting ECTS. The goal is that when you finish your studies you are ready to start working in your own company, doing something that you truly believe in!

After The Programme

Once the programme finishes, there is much more for you to take your project forward: You can take special courses, Portfolio courses, or your Master's Thesis to keep working on your project while studying.
Furthermore, together with DTU Skylab, we will help you pursue your business venture, even after you graduate from university.

Danish Start-up Ecosystem

And don't forget that Denmark has one of the best start-up ecosystems in the world with lots of resources available to HardTech entrepreneurs looking for the next big thing: Funds, incubators, accelerators, investors' network, start-up competitions... it's all available to you. You can check them at:     

Are you ready for the adventure?

DTU Student?

If you are a DTU Student at a Master's level, you can register for the HardTech Entrepreneurship course (10 ECTS) using DTU's study planner. Remember that you can enroll in either Spring or Fall semesters!

CBS Student?

If you are a CBS student at a Master's level and are enrolled (or planning to enrol) in the Go-To-Market Strategies course, then you can participate in HardTech Entrepreneurship. Consult Nicolaj Højer about it (individual paper + exam according to CBS rules)

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